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Puppy Training Dog Training Classes near Danvers, MA

Any breed, any age, it's never too early or too late to train! 
Print out this 
APPLICATION to bring to class. You will also need a copy of your dog's age appropriate vaccination or titer record. Rabies vaccine is required by law for dogs aged 6 months or older. Dogs do not attend the first week of class (orientation).  Payment is by cash or good check only. Please make tuition checks out to Paws for Praise.
Questions? EMAIL:

Or call the message line at 978-356-3286

Note: Paws for Praise does not cross professional boundaries and does not give medical advice. Admitting young puppies for class carries some risk. However, we also realize that there is a significant behavioral health risk for puppies that are not suitably socialized when they are very young, thus we do admit them before their full series of vaccinations, according to the position expressed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. You accept all associated risks, and your veterinarian should guide you on your own particular dog's health care matters. 

Puppy Class
(Ages 8-17 weeks) - 6 week session includes social learning, aggression prevention, obedience behaviors and a few fun tricks. No pups attend the first session (orientation) unless requested by your instructor.

Next Puppy Class 

Saturdays (July 9 - August 20, no class July 30) 9-10 AM (in session)         Mondays (July 25 - August 29) 6-7 PM (in session)
Thursdays (Sept. 1 - Oct. 13, (no class on Sept.15th), 6-7 PM

Companion Dog I Class (Adolescent & Adult Manners) 
(Ages 18 weeks - Adult) - 6 week session. 
No dogs at first session. For friendly dogs that need to learn, or refresh, basic obedience or manners. Got a "doggy teenager"? This class is great for them!

Next Companion Dog I Class
Thursdays (Sept. 1 - Oct. 13 with no class on Sept. 15) 7-8 PM

Rocket Recall (Come When Called)
Does your dog ever run off and refuse to return? Does your dog mostly come when you call, but not all the time? Does your dog generally come, but only if there are no distractions? This class on how to build a great recall is for you!

Next Rocket Recall Class
Mondays (Sept. 12 - Oct. 3) 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Companion Dog II
No dogs at the first session. Prerequisite: Must have taken Puppy Class or Companion Dog I.


Polite Leash Walking
No dogs at the first session.  
Prerequisite: Must have taken Puppy Class or Companion Dog I.

Please contact us and provide a brief description of the problem, your dog's age, breed, and gender so that we can provide you with a relevant questionnaire to complete before we meet. Consultation fee is $125 and includes evaluation of your issue, suggestions for interventions, and a written report if desired (a report to your veterinarian is optional at no additional charge). 


Private training is available but limited. When necessary, we are happy to refer you to force free colleagues in the area, to keep your dog safe. We refer only to trainers who refrain from using coercive methods which, according to a 2009 study, have been associated with increased aggression in dogs. 

Specialty Classes and Workshops Also Available
Need a speaker for your group?  Anne offers a variety of topics, or ask.
Seminars and Inservice Training available for health professionals and home care workers,  other pet professionals, and law enforcement on a variety of subjects, such as elder/pet issues, dog bite prevention, and service/ESA/therapy dog issues.

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