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Your application and prepayment holds your place in the class you register for.  We MUST have your contract and check prior to or at the first class session - no exceptions.   Please be sure when you sign up that you have a reasonable expectation of being able to make the class sessions, as no refunds are issued after class begins, and make up sessions are at our discretion.


6 Week Puppy Kindergarten* 

*About vaccinations/training

Saturdays - class begins March 15
8:30 - 9:30 AM

(No pups attend the first session)

Tuesdays - class begins March 18  
7 - 8 PM

(No pups attend the first session)

6 Weeks
Your dog must be non-aggressive with both people and unfamiliar dogs to attend this group class. Dogs from 17 weeks and up are welcome.
Next session begins:
Tuesdays - class begins March 18,
8:15 -9:15 PM
(No dogs attend the first session)

5 Weeks
Saturdays - class begins March 15th
9:30 - 10:30 A.M.
(No dogs attend the first session)

Someday, someone will leave a door open, or a gate unlatched. Imagine your relief if you can just call and your dog comes right back!

4 Weeks
Saturdays, begins April 26
9:30-10:30 AM

4 Weeks  
We just finished a session.
Get on the wait list for the next one.

Prerequisite: Dogs taking this class must have passed either our Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Manners Class.  Beyond the Basics helps you improve your dog's skills, and work on new ones.
Next session TBA

Lojack on his cart all ready for the Fourth of July.
Lojack is a grad of Paws for Praise.  He says he loved Tricks Class!

Paws for Praise

(Cleo went to the Rainbow Bridge in April 2013)
Cleo, a graduate of our Tricks Class, was the very first Newfoundland ever to earn an Expert Trick Dog Title from Do More with Your Dog.  She was owned and loved by Roseann Benson and trained with positive training. 
Photo used by permission:
Donna Kelliher Photography

Leo and Echo, Irish Wolfhounds proudly owned and trained by Al and Suzanne Gibney, are both now doing well on the show circuit.

A word about pricing and quality.....

Unlike pet stores, we operate a facility that is solely used for training, thus our sole motivation is your dog's behavioral well being.

We have a double door entry system that is designed as a safeguard against accidental escapes.  Thus, we can help your pup learn on off leash skills as well as on leash skills. 

Your head instructor is a college graduate with a degree in behavioral science, and has invested thousands of dollars in continuing education workshops, seminars, books, DVD's and webinars, all with the purpose of maintaining a current and superior knowledge base.  Your instructor has pursued additional continuing education at one of the premier dog trainer schools in the United States, also known as the Harvard of dog trainer schools, Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers.  

Interns/apprentices occasionally assist at Paws for Praise.  Our current intern is a former teacher who holds a master's degree, has studied dog behavior at a local community college, and runs a successful dog walking and leash training business on the North Shore.  She's well versed in behavioral science and a great dog handler as well.

We hope that you recognize how hard we are working to see that the quality of instruction you receive at Paws for Praise is of the highest caliber. Our prices reflect our personal and business commitment to quality, and are very competitive with similarly educated professionals.

These are just some of the industry leaders whose videos/books/seminars/webinars your instructor has watched, read, or attended:
Dr. Ian Dunbar
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.
Karen London, Ph.D.
Susan Friedman, Ph.D.
Ray Coppinger
Brenda Aloff
Sue Sternberg
Suzanne Clothier
Pat Hastings
Dr. Nicholas Dodman
Karen Pryor
Emma Parsons
Kathy Sdao
Jean Donaldson
Dr. Jean Dodds
Pamela Dennison
Chirag Patel
Leslie Nelson
Patty Ruzzo
Ted Turner
Paul Owens
Terry Ryan
Trish King
Turid Ruugas
Veronica Boutelle
Gina Phairas
Sarah Kalnajs
Emily Larlham
Pamela Johnson
Kay Laurence
Mary Ray
Sylvia Trkman
Kyra Sundance
Leslie McDevitt
Barbara Handelman
Nicole Wilde
Virginia Broitman
Corally Burmaster
Deb Jones
Nan Arthur
and many more!

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