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Anne Springer owns Paws for Praise.  She is an honors graduate of the Psychology program at Salem State College, a life member of the Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society, and is certified by the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. She's a Certified Trick Dog Trainer, and recently became a certified Fear Free Professional. She has earned diplomas in dog obedience instruction, professional pet grooming, and veterinary assisting, as well as maintaining a large library and DVD collection and attending various continuing education seminars and workshops each year.  Anne serves on the Advisory Council for the Essex Agricultural and Technical High School's Companion Animal Program and on the Advisory Board for Dog Health News. She is one of the original founding members of the Pet Professional Guild and served on its Steering Committee until December 2015. Currently, she serves on PPG's Education, Marketing, and Advocacy Committees. 

Graduates Boo, Rosa, Jenny, Wilson, and some of their friends a few years ago at a Paws 4 a Cure event.


Our dog and puppy training classes use gentle evidence-based  training to get your dog or puppy to do more of the things you want him to do, and less of the things you don't.
We help you prevent your dog or puppy from becoming fearful or aggressive by creating a safe environment and making pleasant associations with the situations they encounter. We're also family friendly, thus we use no choke, prong, or shock collars to train dogs. Our philosophy is that even a child should be able to help train the family dog using kind, low risk techniques.
​We are Fear Free Certified, so veterinarians who operate Fear Free practices can refer to us with confidence.

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    (Pups age 8-17 weeks)
  • Companion Dog I & II (Dogs 17 wks & older)
  • Rocket Recall Class

Paws  for Praise offers a discount to members of Cape Ann Animal Aid, BNI members, and staff of local veterinary hospitals.

I have trained all of my dogs (Australian Cattle Dog mix, Golden Retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever mix, Beagle mix and Husky mix) - five in total - with Anne Springer, owner of Paws for Praise. Anne has extensive experience in dog training which she shares enthusiastically with her students. Anne is also very willing to address owner and dog specific goals and questions, in addition to covering the course basics. To complement Anne's extensive dog training experience, Anne regularly continues her education in the field, staying abreast of current training methodologies and techniques.
I have also attended Yappy Hours run by Anne. They are very well run and very well monitored. The dog owners and dogs who participate are also wonderful people, making it a very enjoyable social experience for all involved.
I highly recommend Paws for Praise since I believe that the owner and the dog will get top notch training there.
~Joan Stone, Wenham, MA

Anne is the best!  She understands "dog speak" and the dogs respond positively to her.   She is very patient and always available to answer questions.  Her class schedules are frequent and convenient.  Yappy Hour is a great time for the dogs and their owners.  My two "kids" love their Auntie Anne!
-Julie Annese. Danvers, MA

When you go to the Paws for Praise website and look at the top of the browser window, it says, "Best Dog Training North Shore Massachusetts". That could not ring more TRUE. My husband and I would like to give a big thanks to Anne at Paws for Praise for helping us train our 9 month old hound puppy, Ollie. Aside from now having a puppy that sits, stays, and leaves/ takes things upon request, we could not be more happy with Ollie's recall.
We recently just returned from visiting family in Upstate New York for the holiday, where the land is vast and NOT fenced in.The night before we were supposed to return to Massachusetts, we could hear coyotes in the (very near) vicinity to my families home, crying and howling. Remaining on high alert and keeping our eyes open, we took Ollie out one last time before bed to go to the bathroom, and that's when things got real and our recall training was put to the ultimate test. Ollie had slipped his entire collar and was completely free, in the dark of night, in the wide open yard. No collar and no leash. As soon as he realized he wasn't connected to anything, he started to run away from us. Remembering all the things we learned from Anne in the "Rocket Recall" class, we called to Ollie (just like we practiced) and he stopped dead in his tracks and came right back to us. No hesitation. We could not have been more relieved and pleased with the outcome. Without our training from Anne, we don't even want to think about what could have happened.
~Ashley Wallace Jones

Fergus, a pit bull mix, and I took a Rocket Recall class at Paws for Praise because I wanted to be sure that Fergus came when called if he were to ever accidentally get off leash in an unsecured area.
Having been in the animal care profession for over 20 years and having a hobby of studying dog behavior and training, it was immediately clear that Anne Springer is well versed in modern training techniques. She teaches methods that bolster a human/dog relationship based on mutual respect and kindness rather than resorting to force and intimidation, resulting in a more rewarding, stronger bond.
I routinely recommend her classes to anyone who is seeking to improve his/her dog’s behavior because she is truly a great trainer for both dogs and their humans.
~Claudia Siniawski


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